Employer Insurance

As an employer, you want to protect you and your employees from unnecessary issues through employment insurance.

Employment Practices Liability

This policy contemplates coverage in the event of a claim arising from wrongful termination, sexual harassment and/or discrimination brought by one of your employees. What most business owners fail to understand is that their professional liability and business owner's policies specifically exclude coverage for these types of claims. This coverage is not cost prohibitive and it is invaluable when it comes to protecting the assets of your business.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) claims are on the rise. Tough economic times, when companies are laying off employees, or merging with other businesses tend to breed these types of claims. Our carriers offer a broad range of limits for this type of coverage. Hidden Valley Insurance has the expertise to ask for coverage extras, like third-party EPL. We understand that wage and hour disputes may be excluded on some policy forms. We are able to provide an Employment Practices Liability Insurance quote to most businesses within 24 hours of receiving the information necessary to quote.


Getting started with Hidden Valley Insurance is easy.  We will walk you through the process to obtain the right coverage for your needs.

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Workers’ Compensation

If you have employees, your business is required by law to carry this coverage. Hidden Valley Insurance has access to workers' compensation carriers specializing in small, single-office exposures such as title insurance agencies. We also have built relationships with multi-state comp markets offering coverage for complex mining risks, including foreign exposure coverage. We are able to offer competitive rates for just about everything in between as well.

Our agents understand the nuances of workers' compensation reporting. We can help you to determine if you are better off having owners and officers included or excluded from coverage on your workers' compensation policy. We also check in quarterly and remind you of the payroll figures that were provided to your carrier at the policy's inception and give you the opportunity to make adjustments to these figures throughout the policy period. Our clients love this service as it helps them avoid a painful end-of-year-audit. Our carriers provide very competitive rates for workers' compensation. We are also able to provide coverage limits that are higher than the statutory limits required by the state, to better protect your business.